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The sorts of items one might frame include:
Photos, prints

Diplomas & Certificates
(water colours, oils etc.)
(Select from a large range of catalogues)
(Medals - military, sporting etc. plus other)
(Sporting equipment eg. cricket bats, football guernseys)
(Sentimental items such as grandads fob-watch, a wedding bouquet etc.)
(Student, trade or professional)
(mirrors supplied & framed to your size and requirements)

The list goes on & On - Coins, stamps, wine labels, CD & LP records etc.

Feature Frames have framed examples on display
and an album of works already completed.

The proprietor Jeff has been drawing and painting for the best part of his life and with art college studies behind him. He has a good understanding of art and is able to assist both the artist and the homemaker alike with selections for their art.

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